Trip to Desert Park – KG1 only [Read More]

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Dear Parents,

The school is organizing a trip to the Desert Park for the students of KG 1 on the
following dates mentioned below:

Thursday …. 30/01/2020 …. KG1 A, B, C, D
Monday …. 03/02/2020 …. KG 1 E, F, G
Thursday …. 06/02/2020 …. KG H, I, J, K

You are requested to note the following:
Students should wear their blue uniforms and ID card.
– The trip will be during school hours.
– Students must bring their school bags and snacks as usual.
If you wish to send your child, kindly fill in & return the consent form given below
along with Dhs.7/- [in a sealed labeled envelope] by Tuesday the 28th of January